About Open Limo

Open Limo is an end to end SAAS software solution that connects limo drivers, operators, and customers better than ever before. In production since 2016, it has grown into a stable ecosystem that includes modern front end applications for both limo drivers and customers, as well as an advanced back-end solution for the back-office operations of your business. With Open Limo you can now assume control over your entire limo booking operations to make sure each client is satisfied and each trip profitable.

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    Open Limo Features

    Open Limo is packed with features that ensure smooth operations and the ability to derive value for your business faster. All of the features are available in a solution that is easy to operate with a short learning curve for a faster ROI. Here are some of the features available today;

    Flexible Booking

    Allow customers to book by vehicle type, pickup time, time of arrival, or flight time; automatically updated according to traffic conditions and flight status respectively. Bookings can be done via a dedicated mobile app, web app, or through an agent.

    Easier Pricing

    Expand your operations profitably by defining pricing models according to a number of different criteria. Choose a combination of different parameters including vehicle type, geo shapes, service classes, customer agreement, and date/time to ensure each trip remains profitable. You can also set up fixed pricing between two locations to support big accounts or run promotions for a big event.

    Policy Enforcement

    Honour all of your agreements, effortlessly. Create customer policies based on a number of different criteria to reflect any agreements in place thus cutting down on booking times and human errors.

    Auto allocation

    Send the right driver every time. Assign the most suitable driver for any given job through a set of pre-defined rules that allow you to carry each trip as efficiently as possible according to pre-defined criteria.

    Account Management

    Know who your customer is, each time they call. Create company and customer accounts to easily manage your customer relationships. View history, details, and preferences all in one screen so that you always know whom you’re talking to.


    Its all about your business. Customize and assign roles to system users so that everyone sees what they need to be seeing for a job well done. You can also customise the look and feel of the software to ensure it remains consistent with your brand and image.

    Real-time tracking

    Understand the bigger picture. Let the driver application stream its location in real time including relevant information to ensure everything is working as it should be, all of the time.